Monday, November 27, 2006


Across the pond, realignment

From Cryptome (gotta love Cryptome) we hear vaguely that some changes are in store at Menwith Hill, described here as "the premiere NSA electronic surveillance station in Europe. "

How could it not be, with all those big orbs?

FAS (gotta love FAS) describes Menwith Hill as "the principal NATO theater ground segment node for high altitude signals intelligence satellites." FAS tells us that it won the NSA's "'Station of the Year' prize for 1991 after its role in the Gulf War," and many other interesting things.

Anyway, the Pentagon release is pretty damn vague, which isn't surprising, I guess. Are they shuttering the SIGINT operation there or what? Is it a lot of nothing? If something truly interesting was happening, would they announce it?

Spotted this - very interesting. What IS going on?!
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