Thursday, November 30, 2006


Reagan’s NSA chief speaks out

Retired general asks, What’s wrong with cutting and running?
By Corey Pein

Some would have you believe that only terrorists and San Francisco liberals want the U.S. out of Iraq. Retired Lt. Gen. William Odom proves otherwise. Odom ran the National Security Agency — a major employer here in Augusta — for three years under President Ronald Reagan. Now he is a senior fellow at the conservative Hudson Institute. He is also an outspoken opponent of the invasion of Iraq and the “war on terrorism,” which he derides as “a slogan” that made Al Qaeda “far more effective.” The Metro Spirit interviewed him recently.

Metro Spirit: What are your feelings on the NSA’s program of warrantless wiretapping of American citizens?

William Odom: It didn’t happen under my watch. And I’m still puzzled why somebody hasn’t tried to impeach the president for doing it. Any conservative in the United States who values his life [ought to be outraged]. In fact, the South seceded in defense of minority rights — why the hell have they forgotten them now? Ben Franklin said, “somebody who values security over liberty deserves neither.”

MS: What do you say to people, and there are plenty here in Augusta, who say that cutting and running from Iraq is traitorous act?

WO: Well, just tell ‘em they’re full of shit. They're traitors. You know what lemmings are? Yeah, they’re lemmings. We went to war for our enemies’ best interests. You ask those people why it makes sense that we went to war to advance the interests of Iran and Al Qaeda.

MS: Will the Democrat-controlled Congress change anything?

WO: No, not much. I think that what’s gonna change the course is that we’re losing the war. It’s not the Congress that’s changing things. I’ve never seen much spine on the part of the Democrats. What’s gonna change it, if anything, is that [Defense Secretary nominee Robert] Gates has thought that we have a ridiculous policy toward Iran, because they’re going to get nuclear weapons anyway. He has never thought the war made any sense.

MS: Do you think President Bush wants to invade Iran?

WO: The prime minister of Israel was here begging him [Bush] to do it. People down there in Augusta, they’re just being led around by the snout. I grew up in East Tennessee. I know what Georgians are like. I’m a redneck, and there are a lot of stupid rednecks. You can quote me saying that. Ask ‘em if they know that the United States is one of the greatest supporters of terrorism in the globe. I’m all for my terrorists, I’m just against their terrorists.

MS: So you think the Israel lobby, as you put it, was the reason we invaded Iraq?

WO: The religious right here pushed it. I don’t think the oil issue has much to do with it. Your enemies will sell you oil. Do we need to own a country to get oil from it? As much as [Venezuelan President Hugo] Chavez hates us, he gives us oil. The oil issue by and large is a red herring. Ask those guys after what we’ve done in Iraq, if anybody who’s gonna run Iraq is gonna be pro-American. The Iranians have been telling the Shiites, “Do what the Americans tell you.” Do you know why? Because the American democracy program was gonna put Shiites in charge. There are more Shiites in the country. Now they can kill off the Sunnis.

MS: It’s been said that Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi exile whose bogus intelligence helped build American support for war, was an Iranian agent. Do you think so?

WO: Of course he’s working for Iran. He’d work for anybody against anybody else. You got all those hardliners in Augusta who are suckers for any kinda city slicker. They’re suckers for this criminal banker from Jordan.

MS: You say the Iranians will get nukes no matter what we do.

WO: Just like North Korea got ‘em.

MS: So, then, what should we do? Should we pressure Israel to disarm its nuclear weapons?

WO: I don’t care whether they disarm or not. Why don’t you ask Israel to give up their weapons if the Iranians will give ‘em up, too? The Iraq war has made Israel much less secure. Al Qaeda can operate in Iraq now. How stupid can you be? The crowd I don’t know what to do about is the religious right who believe in the Book of Revelations. They used to tell me the Earth was flat. There must be some smart rednecks down there. It’s time for them to stand up.


From the Nov. 30 issue of the Augusta, Ga. Metro Spirit. Visit Find Odom's articles at

Metro Spirit: What are your feelings on the NSA’s program of warrantless wiretapping of American citizens?

William Odom: It didn’t happen under my watch.

Talk about bullshit...Dude must be getting up there.
Last time this guy looked at a intelligence report, most of the military men and women in Iraq were not even born yet.
charlie h,

Would you accept that it wasn't being so blatantly abused/used under his watch.
Thanks for this guys, I got here via DT, and I've never heard of you before, but I live here in Ga.! What you got Odom to say is fairly amazing actually. Not that he's not said it before, but the way he phrases it. Cheers, 'VJ'
No they didn't target US to US coms. only External to and from the US was targeted. This was within there legal stature.

"How ever its NSA, they didn't target these coms, they got GCHQ to do it for them"
I agree with much of what he says. Oil is a red herring. The real reason for the invasion and occupation was to transfer money from the taxpayers to Halliburton, Ratheon, Lockheed Martin, etc... This has been the largest money laundering scheme in history. The Bush Administration and corporate cronies have won. Everyone else on the planet has lost and the usa voters and taxpayers are complicit. Wake up, Suckers!
I agree with a lot of his attitude, however, when he says the South seceded for minority rights, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Hey, he has his viewpoint. Parade him around if that will help change the discourse on Iraq, but just keep in mind this guy is still basically a jackass.
Jeeez, does Mr. Odom really talk like this??? He really is a low-class redneck...
I agree with a lot of his attitude, however, when he says the South seceded for minority rights, I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

He wasn't talking about those kinds of minorities ;)
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All due respect to you General (and I'm sure you know where this is going). Ben Franklin didn't have to deal with Terrorism! I am not sure whether that statement even makes sense or whether Ben was just looking for a witty phrase that day? Any how I feel that what we all will regret is to continue to listen to "stick our heads in the sand" passives like you and other naysayer! I really don't see how you have anything from your past to relate this situation to and then be able to make those comments!
THANKS ANYWAY - Pres. Reagan would be so proud!
you must have forgotten a little stint known as the Boston tea party. However trivial You may have viewed that action it was an act of Terrorism
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