Thursday, December 07, 2006


Can Jim Baker dance?

With all eyes on the Baker report (a dud, the consensus has it), Israel's new minister for strategic affairs -- a real hardliner, judging by this profile -- is meeting with Condi today.

In other words, while we're talking Iraq, Iraq, Iraq -- and getting nowhere -- the people who matter are talking Iran, Iran, Iran.

The minister tells The New York Times: “The dialogue with Iran will be a 100-percent failure, just like it was with North Korea," and, “We must also be prepared to deal alone with this problem.”

Hm, preemptive strike? Or...what? If you rule out diplomacy, what else is there?

Not that we'd engage in speculation in this forum. Until Jim Baker says it's a problem, we're not going to worry about it.

* * *

About that Baker report: Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi summed it up nicely yesterday morning.
In essence, all Baker-Hamilton accomplished was a very vague admission that Bush's Iraq adventure is somehow irrevocably fucked and that we have to get our troops out of that country as soon as possible, a conclusion that was obvious to the entire world two long years ago.
Not true! Some of us were too enthralled by Dancing With the Stars.

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