Monday, December 04, 2006


'Is James Bond responsible for the Iraq War?'

No, seriously. The gist of Richard Cohen's argument is this: If GWB had said Saddam Hussein tried to buy uranium in Africa according to Russian intelligence or Italian intelligence, "We'd still be laughing."

But because the bogus story came from British intelligence, which we all know is very exacting and debonair, we bought it hook line and sinker.

In a roundabout way, Cohen is saying that the Bond films helped Bush sell his intelligence the same way that Top Gun helps Air Force recruiters -- by making the whole thing same easy, exciting and infallible. You have to wonder, would people put so much trust in the powers of Homeland Security without shows like 24 and CSI? Probably not... Some people, though, have always preferred Stripes.

Anyway: interesting essay.


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