Monday, January 22, 2007


News you probably didn't hear

The BBC recently reported that in 2003 the Bush administration rejected a sort of nonagression pact proposed by Iran. The network saw an unsigned letter regarding the deal, and got Colin Powell's old chief of staff to go on the record about it.

Apparently the Iranians would open up their nuclear program in exchange for an end to sanctions and security guarantees. This is pretty much what North Korea wanted, too. And they were also blown off.

The Beeb story made news elsewhere in the world, but in the US, not so much.

From CNN's top stories:

# Mystery woman emerges after years in jungle
# Fortune: Second Life evolution could be a gold mine
# Son who dismembered mother gets six months
# 20-lb. rabbits may help save starving families
# Are kids' parties out of control?

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